Recommondations/Networking and word of mouth throught LinkedIn/Yelp/etc

Do any of you specifically hunt for recommondations on sites like LinkedIn/Yelp? I’ve got my own LinkedIn but not Yelp, just doesn’t feel like that kind of culture I guess, but what do you guys use, if anything?

Yelp? Um, no I can’t say I’ve done that. Do potential clients look up designers yelp reviews? The whole idea makes me kinda cringe.

LinkedIn is a known resume/work history/professional connections type site so I suppose recommendations can be sought from your colleagues/clients past and present. That being said, I haven’t spent time hunting for or soliciting reviews. I simply take them as they come.

Just out of pure curiosity, what are you doing to ‘hunt’ for reco’s?

Not a fan of Yelp … so no lol :wink:

I don’t know, but it’s never been at the forefront of websites I think of for professional development or heard from others of their own use.

As for hunting for them I don’t really other than a passive sentence in my final email to a customer but I’ve worked with dozens of customers, from 1-2 days to 6 months of almost continuous emails or very sparse with varying degrees of resources from none to SVG files on their websites, but basically “if you have time and had a good design experience please leave me a review on my employers page.”

No to Yelp.

I’ve had a LinkedIn profile for years but only started getting work from it this year. I’m not sure what’s changed. Maybe my profile has just started to gain momentum.

I have lots of recommendations on LinkedIn and in the past, have specifically asked my clients to give me a recommendation.

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