Redbubble, anyone?

Why hello there.

I’ll keep my intro short, since society seems to have sucked out every last ounce of human will to read anything longer than one sentence: My name is Samantha and I’ve been uploading my designs to my Redbubble store ( for about a year now.

I’m wondering if anyone here has any experience with Redbubble, especially the marketing aspect? Any advice related to Redbubble in general and building a successful store would be appreciated.


Hi, Sonny here, a freelance designer. I have been into RedBubble. I create art and tag them. I would target trending titles. Tagging is pretty much what I do to market it. The right tag would make them searchable and after a few purchase, it would start sticking on top. The algorithm is pretty basic.

I don’t do much other marketing efforts. RedBubble itself would advertise it for us. So if a customer click and view your art. The ads will follow them around. I have earned a little snack money out of it. Nothing much sustainable. The trend comes and goes anyway.

There are bigger featured artists that do earn a lot up to 5 figures. When I check on it, the product rank on Google search. So, it gain traffic from both Google and also RedBubble itself. So, I think targeting what people would look for in Google would be good too.

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