Requesting critique for a student magazine spread

This is a magazine spread. The purpose is to inform and educate. This would be printed in a magazine. It is a redesign and reprinting from YES! Magazine. The audience would be educators and anyone who works with children. I am a student and this is an assignment. I appreciate any critiques on this assignment. Thank you.

Not getting the format of a spread here.
Is this two different examples?

Show your page guides and grids, and we (and you) might have a clearer picture of your layout.

Why are the pages horizontal instead of vertical? Since you mentioned it’s a spread, I assume they’ll be side by side. I’ve designed many horizontal pamphlets, but every print magazine I’ve worked on was vertical. There’s no rule saying magazines can’t have horizontal dimensions, but it’s rare and probably has something to do with a combination of tradition and newsstand visibility.

The typography is dull and lifeless. Try using a more interesting headline typeface and a less bulky text typeface with more leading for the body copy.

Flush right type (your headline, subhead, and byline) is a bit weird. Again, there’s no rule saying type can’t be flush right, but there needs to be a good, strong, and defensible design reason for it.

If this is a spread, why are the two pages different heights? The size of the two pages must be the same.

Why have you used multiple column widths? The extra-wide column is too wide. It would be best if you had broken that column in two and made all the columns the same width.

Why is there a large blank space between the second-page column and the adjacent illustration?

Why are there no page numbers?

I could go on questioning your decisions, but I don’t think you’ve adequately thought this through. Plenty of magazines exist that you could have studied to determine what works, what doesn’t, and why, but I suspect you didn’t do that research — at least to the point where it had a beneficial influence on your decisions. Check out this link:

Thank you very much for your critique!