RIP: The Necrology Thread

Mac Davis has passed at 78. I loved his singing and he was fantastic in North Dallas Forty. He wrote, produced and sang with so many other folks - Nancy Sinatra, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Crystal Gayle, Irving Berlin, BJ Thomas, Bobby Goldsboro, Perry Cuomo. He had a long and wonderful career. RIP Mac :heart::heart::heart:

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It’s a sad day indeed. Helen Reddy has also passed. Singer, Actor, Activist. She was an amazing talent :heart: She was 78.
RIP Helen :heart:


I remember and listened to both when I was much younger. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Probably my favorite Helen Reddy song.


For sure … one of my favs :heart:

Eddie Van Halen, 65 succumbed to throat cancer.

Wow. I didn’t know he was sick. He was an amazing guitarist.

Wow. While I’ve never been a VH fan, I’m a big enough music fan to recognize the impact he had. Sad day.

I just read about this :frowning: RIP Eddie :heart:

Another icon of my youth gone far too soon :frowning:



Me; He looks stupid with that silly grin on his face
My friend; If I could play guitar like that, I’d have a silly grin on my face

From that I learned to value the talent, not the appearance of an artist. People have been playing the electric guitar in more or less the same way since it was invented. Eddie Van Halen invented a new way to play it, which is no small thing.

R.I.P. Eddie Van Halen, a truly unique musician

One of the best guitar solos of all time (solo at 3:11);


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Pandemics aside, this year really is turning out to be truly crap. First Neil Peart, now Eddie van Halen. There really is no justice.


The first time I ever heard Van Halen was at a concert when they were a warm-up act for another band. I can’t even remember who the main act was, but I vividly remember thinking I had never heard anything quite like Van Halen.

It wasn’t just Eddie Van Halen’s unique ability to play a guitar, it was also the overall sound of the band and how that bizarrely complex guitar playing complemented the straight-forwardness of the rest of their sound.

In hindsight, I suppose most everyone else noticed something different about them too given that their first album sold over ten million copies.

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I’ve just read on Twitter that Ed Benguiat died yesterday. I can’t find any direct news articles yet, but his Wiki page has been updated.


I just checked Twitter and, yes, it seems all the right people are talking about it. I can’t think of any type designer’s work more closely tied to the 1970s and early '80s than that of Ed Benguiat.

I almost wrote, ‘Where would the 70s have been without him?’ Even for people who have no idea who he was, his work will have had a huge influence on them personally and on their culture. That’s quite an enviable legacy.

Aww, what a shame :frowning: RIP Sir

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