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As a drummer myself, I’ve never considered Charlie a technical giant, but he had an unusual way of sitting in the pocket that was surely a critical ingredient in the ‘Stones’ recipe. Aside from The Monkees’ TV show, my first exposure to “rock” was playing 2 of my brother’s albums on my aunt’s console stereo; Jimi Hendrix “Are You Experienced” and The ‘Stones’ “Through the Past Darkly,” so Charlie was a big early influence. Also, he may have been the most likeable guy in the band, as far as I could tell. RIP

RIP Charlie … you sure had a long and amazing life :heart:

In addition to probably being the most down-to-earth, normal person in the band. How Keith Richards has managed to outlive him is anybody’s guess. It’s hard to believe these guys are as old as they are.

From Wikipedia:

Originally trained as a graphic artist, he started playing drums in London’s rhythm and blues clubs, where he met Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, and Keith Richards. In January 1963, he joined their fledgling group, the Rolling Stones, as drummer, while doubling as designer of their record sleeves and tour stages.

58 years and he never missed a tour.

Sigh … Seems like musicians whose name I recognize are starting to fall one by one.

There are only half the Beatles and the Stones left (Bill Wyman counts as half).

He was 80…

… still …

We are getting ever closer to the day when we’ll see an 80 year old Mick Jagger prancing across the stage.

The next time Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney tour, it will be as 80 year olds. Trying to imagine how that’s possible.

So many singers from my youth are pushing 80 and then some :wink:

Here are some I used to listen to (or was forced to listen to by my Mother) in no particular order.

Tony Bennett just turned 95

Ringo Starr, 81

Paul McCartney, 79

Dolly Parton,75

Willie Nelson, 88

Barbra Streisand, 78

Steven Tyler, 73

Bruce Springsteen, 71

Dave Coverdale, 70

Tina Turner, 81

Madonna, 63

Stevie Nicks, 73

Johnny Mathis, 85

Diana Ross, 77

Ozzy Osbourne, 72 - how he is still alive, I’ll never know :wink:

Rod Stewart, 76

Alice Cooper, 73

Paul Anka, 80

Stevie Wonder, 71

Even the really “Hot” guys from youth are aging. Jon Bon Jovi is about to turn 60. (Yes, I know I’m almost there too … but that’s beside the point)


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… and I can get their tickets at senior discount.


Still touring: Phil Lesh from the Grateful Dead, 81. Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, 78.

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RKK’s post reminded me of this (quite old at this point) blog on New Wave artists aging gracefully. Though you could argue that not all of them are “new wave” and not all of them are “aging gracefully.” Still it’s a fun scroll for those of us of a certain age that grew up listening to the left end of the radio dial.

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Most definitely not all New Wave :wink:

Kim Carnes looks exactly the same :stuck_out_tongue:

… and Devo still cracks me up!

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Today 27th August 2021 is 31 years since Stevie Ray Vaughan died. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge one of the finest blues guitarists ever.

The riff on this is insane.


RIP Ed :frowning:
I just recently watched him in Grace and Frankie. He had a long and distinguished career :orange_heart:

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The word Legend is sometimes used when famous people die. This guy was a real Legend.

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Wow, Norm MacDonald passed away at 61 after a 9 year battle with cancer.

I loved Norm.

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