RIP: The Necrology Thread

Burt Bacharach, the writer of more catchy pop songs that hit the charts over the past 50 years than I can count, died at 94.


I wouldn’t say Burt was ever a direct influence on me as a young, aspiring musician, but his presence was an unmistakable staple in the side of musical culture where the various flavors of success are sampled and considered. He was a consummate crafter of song.

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He was so talented :frowning: RIP Burt :heart:

73 Top 40 hits in the US alone …

I haven’t looked it up, but I can’t think of anyone who wrote more top 40 hits than Burt Bacharach, other than Lennon and McCartney.

The Beatles had 65 top 40 hits and Paul McCartney has 40 more to date, solo or collaborations, or with Wings.

Who wrote or who performed?
Max Martin has written more top 40 hits than anyone.

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Raquel Welch has passed at 82. She was one of the first “sex symbols” I ever remember being talked about when I was a kid.




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Aw. Time waits for no man … or woman. She was in a movie called Tortilla Soup that my wife and I really enjoyed. Might have to watch that tonight.

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One Million Years BC was one of my favorite Saturday afternoon Creature Features movies. Not much on dialog and not much on science accuracy, but yeah…one of my favorites. :blush:

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Tom Sizemore has passed away at the age of 61.

His most famous design might be the exterior of It’s a Small World ride, which they don’t show in the article. I loved his stuff. Very 60s.


Lance Reddick has passed :frowning: He is best known for his work on films and television shows including John Wick and The Wire. He was 60. All that was said is he passed away suddenly this morning from natural causes. RIP Lance :heart:

I have not heard of him nor I am familiar with his shows, but 60 seems awfully young to die of natural causes.

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Paul O’Grady passes away aged 67.

I know! Woke up this morning to the news. Gutted.

such a good guy, a lot of important work through the years, ahead of his time in comedy and the work with Battersea Dogs will be sorely missed!