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I’ve been a GDF visitor for a long time and finally decided to create an account. I’m not a professional graphic designer but I did go to art school and currently work in the printing industry. I’m working on a “Save the Date” card for my wedding (which has been pushed back due to Coronavirus). The general idea is to have a very personalized card (hence the cartoon illustration of me and my fiance, which I created by doing a rough sketch on paper and then doing a clean version in illustrator with additional work in photoshop for some texture). The background is a stock illustration purchased from Adobe Stock which I manipulated for color and other small edits.

The copy is not final but this is the general idea. Front and back of the card attached (size is 5" x 7"). Thoughts, critiques, etc. are welcome. Thanks!

I like it. I would make the black text white though. think that would give it better contrast.

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I don’t mind the black type, I think it breaks up the location text and your signature nicely.

Being us both in the print industry, how do you feel that thin typeface is going to print? If it’s ran digital I have a bad feeling it’s going to break apart.

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Hey Biggs. You bring up a great point about the thin typeface. I will be running these myself on a Ricoh 7210 digital printer so I’ll be able to proof it real quick and see how it looks. Thanks for the feedback!

Ooo, The 7210. You have a fifth station?
I’ve always battled with secondary transfer on that machine. I’ve spent more time in the advanced operator settings than running jobs.

We do, actually. We rarely use it and whenever we’ve tried using the “clear” toner, it’s not impressive. Barely visible, if at all. I personally haven’t tried the white toner but my coworkers say it’s not impressive either.

Yeah, it’s a tough sell. Clear looks good on a matte coated media, apart from other colors. Xpri velvet Matte was a good media for it.

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