Schizophrenia kicks in = making sweater design

Any critique and funny recommendations of benadryl-level cool videos on YT are welcomed

  • Concept : Cover image for clothes
  • Purpose or Goal : Just surprise friend and give him clothes
  • Format : print
  • Audience : friend and people around him
  • Your Experience Level : never studied
  • Nature of Job: this work is gonna be paid by me with selling leftovers of crack, so the design in the end shouldn`t suck
    it should look good because my friend more into gawaii style shirts and this design is gonna be on black sweater which is different style so this is gonna be a deceptive move to force him wear this design of a shirt\sweater

Did you say you’re selling crack to fund the project???
What’s gawaii? Do you mean hawaii???
If it’s hawaii it’s not hawaii style shirt.

What is it? I don’t get it.
Why post it here?

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Sup, it`s design of a picture that is gonna be transferred on t-shirt


like this example above, problem is that i`m not professional in compositing the whole “picture”
and this design is somewhat contradictory to style my friend uses, of course i could ask him about this style but this is gonna be surprise present on his birthday
so while being somewhat unexperienced i wanna increase my chances of this style being truly accepted

I have no idea what that even means :flushed:

Since you spelled kawaii wrong I’m going to assume you mean something other than crack.

Otherwise you appear to be trolling us :wink:

Anyhoo. That first design is nothing close to kawaii as far as I’m concerned. The second one is more on track.

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I think you’ve had one too many benadryl today!


its fine, not as bad as crack saturdays but the whole gawae\kawai stuff probably my semantic misspelling, i just wrote that he more into hawai style, but i cant do this style for now, so ive chosen differenet style representing my inner thoughts and its important for me so there no evident design mistakes or stuff related to that and this is why i seek advice, as i wrote earlier i do not have any degree in anything so it`s down into a rabbit hole for me