Seeking Critique/Feedback on product brochure

Hello everyone!
A brief description of our company: We produce and develop top modules and stations for mobile robots for professional use in the industry, manufacturing companies and hospitals. Our aim is to enable our customers to automate their processes in a safe, fast and easy way.

Our goal is to promote the product “Pallet Rack” with this commercial brochure.
MIR is the company who manufacters the robots and at the same time the name of the robots itself.

Thanks for the feedback!

This is confusing. What is a “pallet delivery station.” Wouldn’t it be a receiving station? Aren’t stations generally stationary? I recognize the wooden pallet on the cover, but what is the gray thing it’s sitting on — the “delivery station.” What does it deliver? Pallets? What is the high-tech black thing with the blue stripe the last pallet is sitting on? What exactly are you selling? Racks? Robots? Automation software? Gray boxes that pallets sit on?

Maybe all this makes good sense to your target audience, but it leaves me with far more questions than it answers. The flyer has all the hallmarks of something conceived and developed internally within the company. It seems to be written from an inside-the-company point of view in a way that makes sense only to those people who are already familiar with what’s being promoted.

You might consider hiring a copywriter who can translate what you’re selling into a compelling description of exactly what you’re selling and how it might benefit potential customers. Good product marketing requires placing oneself in the position of the target audience and writing, designing, and shooting photos from their point of view in ways that resonate with their concerns, answers their questions, and makes sense to them. This flyer does not seem to do that, but then again, I’m not your target audience.

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I agree that the copy isn’t terribly compelling, and IMO you could most likely turn this into a one sided brochure since there isn’t much content, however, if you stick to a two page brochure, here is some markup/comments:


safe pickup and deliver
copywriter needed. Definitely.
I understand that English may be a second language here, but if you are selling in English, you need to get the grammar and spelling checked out.

This looks like it takes up a lot of floor space to deliver one pallet at a time.

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I’d like to echo everyone’s points on the copy and margins, and I’ll add in that you should consider changing your photo selection in order to make what you’re selling more clear. From your brief and the contents of you proof I think I’ve pieced together that you’re selling something like a roomba pallet jack, that will move pallets around - but with the pictures you have in there I’m not sure what that actually looks like.

You have photos of what looks like a gray rack, then one final photo of what looks like a rack-delivery robot like you described without that gray rack; but are you selling the rack attachment or the robot itself, or both? The software note implies it’s the entire robot, but since the majority of the photos are a solitary gray rack, it makes me unsure which object/s are being sold to me. If both objects are sold as a set, you may want to replace the cover photo with a photo of them together - possibly in use - to clarify that. If it’s just the attachment, consider separating the photo of the robot more obviously, and including in the copy somewhere that this is an attachment for existing machines.

At the very least, I’d recommend replacing one of the two copies of the same photo from the cover and the top of the second page with one that provides additional information. I can’t think of a good reason to have that image appear more than once, especially from front-cover to top-of-page-two.


I’m a bit familiar with the application of this pallet rack, so I’ll try to briefly explain what it’s about:

In order to transport a pallet, an AGV needs to be able to get underneath it. The purpose of the pallet rack is to hold up a pallet high enough for the AGV to drive under it and then push the pallet up with the AGV’s lifting table to take the weight of the goods and carry it away to a different rack, where they can then be picked up by a forklift, for example, in order to load them into a truck.

Anyway, to get to @RubenPinho 's brochure design, it’s clear that the application I just described is not immediately clear to everybody. It’s actually a quite simple process, that could easily be shown in an illustration. If the application not clear to the people here, it might also not be immediately clear to some of the customers you want to attract with your leaflet.

Another point is that you fail to highlight the specifications of your rack sufficiently, in my opinion.

Let’s start with the load capacity. You state that the load capacity is one tonne, but that’s about it. I assume that corresponds with the load capacity of some of MiR’s models, so why don’t you state them? As a buyer I don’t want to have to cross-check if you’re load capacity is sufficient for the AGVs I got. Moreover, if your rack is “overengineered” and can hold more than it needs to, it would give me additional peace of mind.

Next is dimensions. I understand that you don’t want to give too much away so that others can’t just rebuild your product, which is effectively just a metal box, but you need to provide some dimensions to your prospects. In warehouses every mm counts as valuable real estate and you need tell them how big your rack is. It’s also something that you want architects and consultants to specify as per your dimensions, so make sure you communicate them.

Last but not least, some practical bits. How is the rack mounted on the floor (ideally without any ground work)? Does it have fixings for charging contacts (since the loading/unloading operations are the ideal point of time for a quick opportunity charge of the AGVs)? Is it suitable for corrosive environments (e.g. many F&B warehouses)?

I could go on, but I hope this helps you already. :slight_smile:


I knew what it was too, but not sure if the rack, the robot or both were being sold. I’m guessing both cuz it mentions navigation not requiring wires, etc. but sell either one or the other. “Designed to work with our MiR bots model numbers: blah blah blah” would avoid the confusion. I get too that the bot has to be able to get under it but that’s a very odd pallet construction. At least, it’s not standard for what’s normally used up here in the Northeast US. Do you sell the pallets too? And the load there is limited by the center-collapse weight of the pallet, unless you tie up a bot sitting under it waiting for it to be loaded, in which case, you don’t need the rack at all.

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