Seeking Critique - Package Design (Vit C serum)

Hello everyone! Our company is designing packagings for different types of products (domestic, beauty, pet supplies, etc.)

We face difficulty choosing the best looking packaging or product design.
Our products are sold in marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, so it is really important for us to stand out against our competitors as well as match customers’ visual expectations.

We need help in selecting the best packaging and product design.

Product: Vitamin C serum


  1. Product must stand out against our competitors
  2. Product design must meet customers’ visual expectations. Example: customers are used seeing face serum with a dropper in rounded bottle shape. We plan to make it with a dispenser instead of a dropper! At this point, we are not sure if it is a good idea so all your comments would be appreciated.

I like the concept started so far! Clean packaging, only see a few minor things I would change. Also, don’t forget to put the name of the product on it (: Not seeing “serum” anywhere on the packaging itself.

I will note though that beauty “serums” are often extremely expensive. I’m working on packaging right now for some eye serum and its 2oz and retails for $200. That being said, it’s pretty important that you’re getting just a little bit of serum at a time and not being wasteful at all. Spray bottles or pump styles I don’t think will work because of that.

You’ve a lawsuit waiting for you on your hands here (pardon the pun).

Having Vitamin C on the front some people would assume it’s for consumption - and that could end up harming or killing them.

It needs to say not for ingestion and to be applied subcutaneously only and avoid contact with eyes and all that warning stuff.

With that out of the way - the one with the pump looks like a hand wash or (my wife thinks) and eye serum

  • and the skinny tall one looks like a deodorant spray and the box looks like what candles come in.

My wife thinks the text for the ‘vitamin’ is too small and doesn’t stand out.
(why are the vitamin words in different locations?)

You have massive issues here in terms of form/presentation, and explanation.

The packaging should automatically clue the person to what the product is, the information is the package.

It definitely needs to say Hand Cream on the front or Hand Serum.

I like the general look and feel, but there are some issues. As @Smurf2 pointed out the placement of vitamin is moving around. There is some inconsistency in your alignment and spacing, too. Watch that + sign.

All of that said, the bigger issue is that the placement of vitamin makes the C look like a G at a quick glance, which is all you have in a retail space.

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