Seeking feedback upon this logo

Namaste, I designed this logo for a relative who works as a realtor.

Here I have blended the letter “K” in buildings. Relevant to Real Estate.

This colour palette is selected to convey trust and friendliness.

I am looking for feedback on this. Do let me know your thoughts.

Snap reaction: The white outlines of the k abutting the yellow background induce an uncomfortable visual modulation. I’d want to do experiments to eliminate that white.

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I can see an awkward attempt to simulate buildings with the letter K. My mind just cannot see structures that make any sense.

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I’m liking the choice of colour, I think the blue is very professional and the yellow is approachable. However there are few things that feel a bit off to me.

Firstly I struggled to read the name “kANTHARIA” - what was the reason behind the lowercase “k” and removing the cross stroke from the “A’s”? Because I think these things significantly affect the legibility of this text.

I get the impression you’re trying to do too many things at once, I would just let your mark be the hero :superhero: and make sure the brand name is legible.

Regarding the mark, it feels very busy and like @HotButton mentioned, there are issues of contrast using the white and yellow so closely together. I would try to simplify this a bit.

Hope that helps :beers:

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Since you use black in realtor, try black to separate the yellow from blue.
But I agree that bug is way too busy to begin with.

It would be interesting to see that bug in wire-form because I bet you have a few process faux pas in there. :wink:

And while I get that skinny wide-tracked typography is a trend right now, as a sign guy, I hate it.

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I like the concept of combining two things to create something new – like a k and buildings – but I get the feeling that this is the first solution you came up with and stopped working on it. So I’ll commend your thought process, but I have to say this isn’t the best solution. Also, I’m not crazy about the typography. Keep pushing and working on this. Good luck.

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I liked the concept of K being the building but the white over line is somewhat uncomfortable to the eyes. I think you should either check with different color or reduce the white border size.

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Thank you for your response, I will keep this in mind while making the necessary changes.


Once again I thank you all for your time to feedback my logo design. I have taken into account all of your points and tried to implement in my best possible manner.

If possible please let me know your views on these.

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