Selecting Videos to Display in my YouTube Channel

I changed my portfolio site to be a bit smaller and more selective of which pieces are included (site is (Yeah, I know, my portfolio needs more and better pieces. I’ll work on it, but that’s a different topic.) I recently completed a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Internet & Web Development and will be looking for employment in my field soon. I also have an associate’s degree in graphic design, so my bachelor’s is half graphic design and half internet & web development.

On my homepage, there is also a video of my portfolio presentation. The video is an embedded link from my YouTube channel. There is an icon and link displayed in the top left of it that lets the user click it to go to my YouTube channel where they could see more projects. I used to have a section of my portfolio site for video & animation, but I removed it because I don’t really have enough quality digital media work to show. The users might also click the link in the top-left corner of the portfolio video presentation on my site and see some of my digital media work, too.

Since prospective employers could see the list of videos on my YouTube channel, I also made a second YouTube channel with a separate account that any video/media links on my site could go to instead where I could include less videos and be more selective of what is shown.

Do you think this (larger) YouTube channel has too much stuff/crap on it to show?

Should I use a smaller one like this instead, then?

A lot of the time I’m a bit indecisive about cuts and selecting which pieces to show. Do you think I should add just a few more media projects to my smaller and more selective channel and display that instead of bigger one with tons of crap in it? In your opinion, which pieces do you think would be the best to include?

Thanks for your input.

I’m thinking I will show the smaller YouTube channel, but add in everything except the hand-drawn traditional animation, Microraptor Flash Animation, and Sound Mix. What do you think of that selection? Is it still too broad? My video projects kind of suck, except for the ones that I didn’t record myself, I just did the editing and splicing together of clips and sounds provided by the class. I could leave them out, but then I can’t really show videos I’ve recorded myself. I also don’t want to give an inaccurate impression that I did all the recording and selected the sounds myself for projects I just edited/spliced together with clips and sounds provided by class. I could include the ones I just did the editing for and just describe what I did in the description, so hopefully that would avoid confusion. The “Sound Added to Silent Video” is almost good enough, but his footsteps are a bit loud for walking near a tiger. I guess I should edit that and then put it in the channel. I also didn’t do the Web Ad for Kersh Health (this is the only project I didn’t do myself). I just included it in my channel as an example of a motion graphic ad that looks like I would technically be able to do for someone if they ever wanted something with a somewhat similar approach done for their brand.

Do you think I should include the animation for “Summerween”? It’s not a great design, imo, but it is also my only example of doing some type of animation with photoshop. Should I leave it out? Is it too low-quality for someone to see in my portfolio? I could just leave some things out until I hopefully eventually improve and make something better I could include instead. I could also send priviate links to the projects not publicly displayed in my YouTube channel.

You’re only as good as your weakest piece.


Thank you for your advice! So short, but effective…

Actually, I think I made my selection already. If anyone has any advice or input, though, I’d be interested in hearing it.

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