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Full project details:

Hey everyone!
It has been quite some time since I last posted on GDF. I hope everyone is doing fine, especially amid these difficult times.

So, recently, our agency was tasked with developing a brand identity for a Japanese fine tableware select shop stationing in Asakusa, Tokyo. The brand has over 80 years of history and was selected as one of the primary brands in charge of providing the Japanese royal family with tableware. As an established brand domestically, the brand has gained popularity even among foreigners prior to the pandemic. This increase in popularity eventually pushes the brand to expand its business to overseas markets, leading to the project this time.

The challenge in this project is to create a modern brand identity that could communicate the brand’s core values to foreign customers without overwhelming them with complicated Japanese concepts. Furthermore, the owners asked our agency to create an identity that shows how the brand is selected by the royal family and represents the brand as representing different Japanese artistic values.

Below are a few sample production shots after the project delivery. I was hoping to receive feedback from everyone. If you are interested in the full details of our decisions, please do consider giving our project page on Behance a bit of your time.

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Great work! The Japanese feeling comes through very well. The red and blue color palette is beautiful and mature. The typographic elements are very bold and strong. You’ve taken traditional elements and modernized them in a very interesting way.

The brand looks very young and new, which may not be appropriate since you say this is a brand that has existed for nearly 100 years (young by Japanese standards) and supplied wares for the royal family. The history, maturity, and royal elements aren’t quite coming through here, due to the bold, young colors and typography. If you’re aiming to attract new Western customers, these elements may work, but it’s going to be difficult to portray both history and modernity at once. I love the wave illustration, but I think that it’s distracting from the kanji on the red seal. It’s very successful as a background pattern, however.

Overall, very strong work!

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