SlashPixels, a Google for Designers

Hey guys, I’m working on SlashPixels - an AI image search engine for Designers. It search on top Designs sources like Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest and others indeed what you looking for and help you increase inspiration. Please, PreSign Up on

If you want to compete with Behance, Dribbble and the like, I suggest getting an SSL cert for your website (especially since you require people to sign up)

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Bourdine, we have a no advertising policy here, and your post appears to be just that.

On the other hand, if you’d like critiques on your site, I’d be happy to move it into the Crit Pit section. If not, I’m afraid I’ll need to delete it.

All right, let’s move it to Crit Pick.

OK, so now that we’re in the Crit Pit, what exactly is a “Smart Artificial Intelligence Image Search Engine and aggregator,” and why do I need such a thing?

It’s just a matter of personal opinion, but the cyan background with the yellow type is a little hard on the eyes — it tends to vibrate.

The focal point of your homepage is a flagrant trademark infringement?

I’m pretty sure Google itself is “Google for Designers.” Do you have permission to leverage the Google brand identity that way? (No need to answer.)

I can’t even express how much that approach to branding irks me. There is a small shop near my home with a sign outside that touts their raw honey as “Nature’s Allegra.” What?

What if every new business endeavor did that?
It’s the Cheaper Coca-Cola
Test Drive the New Ford Mercedes
McDonald’s for Vegans

I’m exactly like Al Pacino, except I’m fatter, uglier, and I can’t act. So I introduce myself as “thee one-and-only Al Pacino”.

What exactly would it search for? What could it do for me that I can’t already do for myself?

What, specifically, exactly, would the benefits be?

The benefits would be all the ads that would get served to you, of course!

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Oh of course! WHAT was I thinking? :joy:

Is the footer supposed to have the copyright symbol instead of @ symbol? It says “@2015” and I assume that’s not your twitter handle.

Also, it should be updated to the current year, if indeed it is supposed to be the copyright symbol.

If this does what it says it does, he’s also in violation of Dribbble’s API terms.

Behance’s terms are a little more flexible, but you’ll need their permission for commercial use.

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