So there was this REALLY long line at the store

… but I’m finally back from buying cigarettes.

Hey guys, it’s been a long time! Glad to see so many familiar names still kicking around. I’m still working as a designer. Same old same old.

Seeing this place feels a little like driving past your old house only to find out that it burned down. I like the new look though.


The old house was demolished and a better one with firmer foundations and a better landlord was built in its place. Most of us moved back in.

Welcome back! I hope you bought enough cigarettes to last awhile. :wink:


Yoss!!! Hey Buddy! :smiley:

Soooo glad you found your way back home :wink:

Have a look around and get comfortable … there are a few “for old times” goodies in the Badgers Den.

I really wished I knew you were going to the store … I would have had you bring me back a soda. thmwah1

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Thanks, B! I think you started coming around about the time I started getting scarce at the old forum. Good to see you again.

Kittie!!! tacklehugs

I’ll have to check out the Den. I heard about garricks. Poor ol’ badger. What a wonderful guy though.

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Yeah, that’s about right. I definitely do remember you, though. I joined up back when the old forum was still very active, but had already started to wind down some. I wish I’d discovered the place a few years earlier.

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Yoss, Holy Carp! How’ it going man?


Craig! It’s awesome you’re still at GDF! Life’s been treating me pretty well. I got to missing my old friends and wanted to reconnect. Maybe it’s an early symptom of a midlife crisis.

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Well, we’re glad you found your way back. Midlife crisis and all.

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Welcome back!

How old do you have to be for a midlife crisis?


Buda! This is so cool seeing everyone again.

“How old do you have to be for a midlife crisis?” Well, I figure I’ll be lucky to see 80 so I’m at least half done…

Oh, man, the whole midlife crisis thing started out jokingly and then it got morbid. Now I might actually have to start shopping for convertibles and chasing floozies. Thanks a lot, Buda. :smile: (Holy crap there are a lot of smilies. A guy could get lost in there.)

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lmao Yoss :smiley:

I too have said I’ll be lucky if I see 80 so I got a little less than 30 more years. That means my mid-life crisis was about 10 year ago … just about right too haha! :smiley: Now I’m getting old and cranky and have less tolerance for crapola as each day passes. I’m quite sure I’d be screamin’ “Get Off My Lawn” … if I had one :wink:

You’re better off not yelling at them. (Makes 'em easier to squirt with your Super Soaker.)

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LOL … maybe I should invest in one :wink:

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