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for this design, my goal is to inspire people to create a website.

Next is to let them know about rank-host

Then the idea of the design is a plant growing, similar to business growth.

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Here are my other version

Growing plants are so cliche.
Growing plant roots are white, maybe slightly yellowish, not dead brown.
Because of contrast issues the dead roots are the eye focus of the ad.

Create A Website Now is better grammar.
Are you the hosting solution in the ad?

Lose the drop shadow. The light source defies physics and logic.

Sorry to land a dropkick on ya but…

Everything about this is looking amateurish. I don’t think any part of it works…start over.

No one does what your ad says to do — CREATE WEBSITE NOW. Websites are something to consider, plan and build — they’re not impulse purchases. Besides, you’ve left the article a out of the sentence, which makes it sound spammy and non-English.

The plant with roots is a cliché, but sometimes clichés work. I do agree, though, that the drop shadows on the leaves make no logical sense. You might think they make the leaves look better, but shadows don’t float in the air beneath things.

I like your second batch with the more aggressive type better than your first one.

Sorry if it sounds harsh but…Start over

Know this, design is allot of smoke and mirrors, we show the good bits and hide the mistakes and imperfections until they stop being imperfect.
Make use of your strong abilities, out of this I can clearly see that you’re not a top-level illustrator /artist, so yeah it’s fine, illustrate, draw keep getting better at it, if that’s what you want but until you’re actually good at it avoid relying on drawings and illustrations to sell your stuff.

So start over clean, use a consistent colour palette, no effects (no drop shadow, glows and weird stuff) and maybe less illustrative ( maybe use stock photography)

Best of luck and sorry if I was too harsh.

Thanks everyone I’ll try to redo it.

Also I like everyone feedbacks it really helps me grow and learn more.

You also have to be careful how much text you have on the image. Facebook will only allow a certain percentage of text vs. image and won’t allow it to be used as an advertisment.

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