Social Media Marketing Logo Rough Sketches

Hardy Boys Media is a social media marketing company founded by two brothers, who do traditional social media marketing on most platforms, Fb, Twitter, Insta. They shoot film, can write content, handle postings, engagement, etc. The co-founder taking from their last names, sees themselves as detectives, or sleuths in finding the right strategy that will reach a more focused audience.

They have a few big names in their portfolio, and I want to do something that is grown up I guess you could say, but having some mental block trying to get out of the magnifying glass. The co-founder did say that the magnifying glass wasn’t critical in the overall design, but wants to have the flexibility to display one on the website other than the search bar.

Got some sketches, I’ve already taken one to Ai for a rough feel about it so it’s not refined at all. Any suggestions are welcome.

Been doing some more sketching, let me know what you guys think of the mascot direction.

You are headed down a solid path. Good work. The option that you worked up in Illustrator with hardy, boys, media stacked, I’m not sure the magnifying glass is evident enough. It’s a great idea, and I applaud you for coming up with that solution; I’m just not sure it’s working. That said, I have to believe there is a solution here that incorporates the magnifying glass into the text in a way that the glass is more evident. The options with the spy hat, the magnifying glass, ad the fountain pen nib, my reaction is that there is too much going on. Maybe combine just two elements (e.g. the magnifying glass and the nib or the hat and the nib) rather than trying to combine all three. The option with the hat, nib and what might be binoculars reminds me of the Spy vs. Spy artwork. I like the options where you have the boy’s face – particularly those that have two eyes, and I like the option where the magnifying glass is the whole face, but these could be simplified some. Work those up in straight black and white and see how they look. Hope that helps.

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