Softwarehouse site- looking for feedback

Hi, Im looking for feedback about software-house website.
what are your impressions?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Did you design the site?

From the forum rules:

Absolutely, yes.
Why you asking?:slight_smile:

I’m one of the forum moderators. Your post’s wording seemed to suggest you might be looking for opinions on someone else’s website. Since you are a first-time poster here, I wondered if you weren’t familiar with the rules.

I like the website design, but it obviously isn’t finished yet since some links go nowhere and some sections are empty with CSS errors (such as on the blockchain section).

I like the subtle canvas animations, but it seems a little too subtle on the first page behind the triangle.

I have a personal dislike of spacing out lowercase letters. That’s just me, but I’d be inclined to use caps.

There are some glitches in narrow browser windows, but I suspect these are because the site is still in development. For example:

Thanks for you opinion, I managed to fix most of (I hope) mobile problems.

Now, Im asking myself questions about overall design quality, because I feel this lacking somethig. consistency maybe…