Spiral dots

could u please tell me how can design such as this spiral dots in illustrator?

Someone here might be able to figure it out using some of the more obscure tools in Illustrator. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was done, instead, in a program like Mathematica.

Cryptic in ways though it is, this thread may be of interest:

It’s pretty cool looking. Not sure exactly how they did it. Looks like you could buy it from 123RF.

craigb had a post here on how to do this using the transform palette

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i worked mathematica when I was a student , still so hard unless you are a mathematician

thanks , i will try it

you’re right
but i dont know how can i make the outer ring

You would make the outer ring first. See how the dots are small at the top and increase in size to the bottom. I believe you can use the same transform effect to do that on a circle. Then it’s just a step-and repeat to rotate and decrease those outer dots.

no i dont want use this shape
i want to how to create shapes like this

let me try it
finally I must call craigb to solve that :wink:

Craig’s tut just opened a new window for me. wow!

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finally i did it
but not completely
still need help :cry:


I’m very impressed! :grin:

Nice work.

Hi, May I ask how did you made it? It’s awesome! I try to make the image like you post on first one too. But not work… Did you apply transform twice?

He used the appearance palette, and apart from showing you the starting shape, you can see his measurements the he used with the transform effect applied through the appearance palette.

Here’s a little more on the appearance palette

Thank you so much! finally I got it too! lol ~


Great. Looks good.

Yes i can give you a hint. First of all go to segment tool in illustration and then select spiral tool and select the desired size of the spiral that you want to use.

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