⭐ Hi, here's some useless trivia about me

Hi, all! I had a username over at the old GDF, but I haven’t used it in so long that I’ve forgotten what it was. :flushed:

So, here’s a list of random information that you definitely don’t need…

  • I’ve been a graphic and web designer for ~15 years, and I’ve been a freelancer for 10 of those.
  • I don’t understand the allure of Snapchat.
  • I prefer camping to beach vacations or skiing.
  • I’ve never been to Europe.
  • I have a telescope.
  • I’m always Peach when I play Mario Kart.
  • I’ve seen every episode of 30 Rock at least three times.
  • I have a husband, two kids, and more Apple products than it makes sense to have in one house.
  • I have no pets, unless you count dust bunnies.

So, there’s that.



Hey Star!!!

I don’t know who you used to be on the old forum either :smiley: So, we have that in common :wink:

Love your little list too … very funny :smiley:

So Welcome Back!!!


Sigh. Don’t we all? :slight_smile:

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Counting my job in high school painting window signs for grocery stores, I’ve been doing this stuff for, ugh, 40 years now. I’ve been designing web sites since 1993 (again, ugh!) — just after the Mosaic browser was first released.

Me either. Then again, as my answer above implied, I’m no longer 16.

Me too. I love to go camping. Having very few beaches here in Utah might be part of the reason, though.

Me either, and that really needs to change. I really want to visit Denmark and England where my ancestors were born.

Me too, and it sort of goes along with the camping. I have a 12" Meade reflector. :grinning:

I don’t even know what this means. A computer game thing, maybe?

I’ve seen zero episodes of 30 Rock, and know nothing about it. Weirdly, I don’t own a a television. If it’s not on Netscape or Amazon Prime, I’m clueless.

I have a wife, no kids and a beagle, but I do own dozens of Apple everythings — way too many. And I can’t bring myself to throw them away — even the ancient ones.

Dust bunnies count, and they’re good because they require no food and do not poop and pee on the carpet.

I hope you know this isn’t to mock you, it just made me laugh. Especially your earlier comment about web design since 1993. I’m pretty sure you meant Netflix, not Netscape… but Netscape Navigator … that brings back some memories.


I’ll play.

For me, some of these kind of stand on their heads…

  • I’ve been doing graphic design work since about 1992. That’s a long time to bullshit your way through.
  • I wouldn’t know Snapchat from Chapstick.
  • The ocean calls me to sea. I live in the mountains, but I’ve never been within 10ft of skis—not even in a sporting goods store.
  • I go to Europe in my mind every time I watch a Formula 1 or British Touring Car race.
  • I have a rifle scope, but no rifle.
  • The only video game I ever got good at was Defender, back when you had to leave your house to play video games and go all the way back there to make a phone call.
  • There is no Seinfeld trivia question I can’t answer.
  • I have a wife and 4 kids that I love almost as much as I hate Apple products.
  • A female overlord has condemned me to a life of hunting and capturing dust bunnies, wrestling them into big bags, and dragging those bags into the street while the poor bunnies fight for their final breath.
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Yup. :grin: I was thinking Netflix, but my fingers typed in Netscape.

A brain malfunction caused by my mention of the Mosaic browser. I’ve just been around way too long — everything begins to blur together. :neutral_face:

I haven’t heard “Netscape” is ages :smiley:

Good times :smiley:


You’re a designer on a PC? I just crossed-over to PC platform a few months ago! :smiley:



It was on Netflix forever, but it moved to Hulu a while back. Oh, the hilarity.


Saw this today and I love the idea of random facts so here’s 10 random facts about me;

  1. I (we) used to have 9 cats (yes all at once)
  2. I don’t understand the allure of Snapchat either (I cancelled my Facebook account years ago)
  3. I’m too creaky for camping but I enjoy sightseeing holidays
  4. I’ve never been to America (probably never will) but I’ve been all over Europe and bits of North Africa (12 countries so far)
  5. I have a telescope
  6. I play the bass guitar
  7. I’m a pescatarian (since 1983)
  8. I’ve lived in the same house for 25 years
  9. I always play a nonhuman toon in MMOs
  10. I never learned to drive a car
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