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Hello, world

I am an aspiring designer from Estonia. I study design on my own and therefore I have few acquaintances who could objectively review my work. You can find full work in Behance (STP comedy show branding).

  • Concept : Russian-language recurring humor event, humor show with different comics.
  • Purpose or Goal : to create a visual style for humor events. To avoid the shape of the microphone.
  • Format : Digital format for SM: Instagram posts, facebook, spotify covers; event-typography: brochure, posters and stickers;
  • Audience : Mostly people 18-22 years old. Progressive people who like to drink and listen to jokes, but do not go into a carnage. Young people who do not want to spend time at home, but love a quiet holiday. The audience is exclusively related to Estonia.
  • Nature of Job: this is an identity for my own project

Logo: It is important to note that the pure logo is not used anywhere. As an avatar on social media, I use the logo in the condom mockup, for example. This is done in order to create images that can be easily created and sold in the future.

content for social media:

I used 3 main details in the design: a very recognizable typeface “OwnHand” with the same dynamics as the logo; old technique (it makes it easy to create content that is easily distinguishable on social media feed) and solid color as the background.

For podcasts, which are made under the STP brand, I use items related to sound: cassette, vinyl record, and CD packaging. For something important like a special event I use special element like GameBoy. when I need to find a photographer, I use polaroid as an image.

Any criticism is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your time

You’ve posted a smiley face and asked for critiques.

I’m not quite sure what to say. Either this is very unimaginative or you’ve taken such an obvious and old meme then deliberately used it as a kind of clever sardonic humor. The trouble is, I’m not sure what you’re trying to do or how old Polaroid cameras, condoms, or avoiding “the shape of the microphone” relates to any of it.

What am I missing? You specifically mentioned Estonian audiences, so is this an Estonian thing that I, as an American, am clueless about?

(My confused smiley face)

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