Studio Art major looking to improve graphic design skills!


I graduated from college last year with degrees in Studio Art and Psychology (and an art history minor). I’ve spent the last year making/selling more traditional forms of art, but I’ve set my sights on moving towards more graphic design. During my Studio Art major I took a few computer imaging classes, so I have basic skills in illustrator and indesign, and I took classes on the fundamentals of design theory. While most of my work is still traditional, I do freelance design work here and there (logos for friends, digital ads for my current internship, etc,). I’ve also been teaching myself the basics of html/css for the past couple of months!

Anyway, I’m excited about finally setting up a concrete plan for myself to improve my skills and build a design portfolio. I have a lot of self-discipline, so it’s mostly about developing a path that I can map out for myself. I welcome any advice on tutorials, books, study plans, projects–anything that has helped others improve! I know the bulk of improvement will come with practice. :slight_smile:

Thank you advance!

Welcome Aboard Annamarie!!

Best wishes on your new journey :slight_smile:

I’m sure if you have questions someone can give you some tips and advice.


What kind of theory-oriented course work did you do in your studio art degree?
Things like color theory, 2D design, 3D design etc?
Graphic design uses a lot of the studio art theory, just in a slightly different way, with a more commercial slant than the typical art major.

There are all kinds of night courses available for web coding as well. Check your local community college or tech high schools for more advanced classes.

If you are planning to freelance, I’d highly suggest some small business classes or seminars. Check with your local chamber of commerce or your state SBA office. (small business administration.) I’d even more highly suggest working in the field for someone else for several years before freelancing. It will make you more successful sooner, if you have what it takes.

Thank you!

Here are some recommended blogs to help you along the way:

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