Surrealistic Fantasy Art in Photoshop - feedback request

Hi, Below is the first stage of of my Surrealistic Fantasy montage in Photoshop, combining 5 separate images. It would be much appreciated if anyone could critique my work at this stage and provide any advice to make the images blend more seamlessly and/or to create a more ‘fantasy’ or dreamlike atmosphere.
Thanks in advance.

Surrealistic art isn’t really about seamlessly merging disparate images into one…there’s usually a cohesive thread somewhere.

The most important thing about merging separate photos is to watch where your light source is. You’ve done pretty good with the clouds, but the girl is obliquely lit from the front while the fish is lit from above and the origami swan seems to be lit with two sources or from the uppler left (hard to tell.) None of the solid shapes are throwing a shadow of any kind, which may be considered surreal. Or not.

Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. I knew the lighting was off, but I wasn’t sure what was causing it. Also, thanks for the tip on the shadows. I was also going to add some sort of reflection of the fish on the clouds

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