Survey on Designers

Hi, me and my team are trying to solve some problems that people in services industry are facing, especially in design industry.

We need your helps to fill our survey, are the problems real or is it just us? We need feedback as well.

Click this link to fill out this survey,
Thanks for your help!


As a SPAM-fighting measure, the forum configuration won’t allow you to post a live link until you have more posts to your credit. However, in a case like yours, our friendly moderators will sometimes grant an exception. Be patient.

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Thanks HB :heart:

@bryan1373 I’ve bumped you up a notch so you can now link to your survey :slight_smile:

Welcome Aboard! :wave:

I’m gonna assume there is a language barrier here? The post reads like spam.
Is this a student survey?

No, this is me and my friends project for solving the roblems of people working in services industry.
Yes we are from indonesia, sorry for bad english, we are trying to convey the message as clear as possible.

Pada tanggal Sel, 30 Jun 2020 pukul 00.53 PrintDriver via Graphic Design Forum <> menulis:

You should be able to post a link now.

How to add the link to existing post?

thank youu :smiley:

You can’t. Just post it in your next post.
The suspense is killing me.

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