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This is my newest T-shirt design. It’s not the most original…but what do you think? Also any tips on the layout on the t-shirt? should it be smaller? should I decrease the opacity?


1408719.65.b7b17S7ayBAA-650x650-b-p-eee 1408719.a7.00b4dS7ayBAA-650x650-b-p

Decrease the opacity?

A t-shirt image like this would be best printed using a solid, opaque spot color. You need to choose the spot color you want (usually a Pantone color) and have it printed using that color of ink.

Sorry, I guess I meant like give it a faded look.

I won’t be the one printing it, the site I’m using does all that for me.

Well, because of those fades, a vinyl cutter would have some difficulties cutting this right, but if you do a screen print (not for 1 piece of course) or Digital then its no problem

Why would you use a vinyl plotter for a t-shirt?
Actually I shouldn’t say that, we’ve been known to cut rubylith on the vinyl plotter to use as screen print film positives, but not for something as small and intricate as this… True you can’t do halftone screens on a vinyl plotter, but the way this art is depicted, with inked shading, you could. If it was BIG enough.

There are some print-on-demand companies that adhere opaque colored films to fabric in place of ink. Whether a vinyl plotter is used, I don’t know. Some sort of cutting mechanism would be required, though. I’ve ordered sweatshirts with this kind of printing on them and they’re surprisingly durable.

Yeah, I know the stuff.
That’s not silk screen though.
Guess I shoulda been more specific.

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