T-shirt Project (screen print)

Here is a project I’ve been working on. Its for a fund raising drive/event for a children’s hospital. The shirts will be sold and also used during a dance competition/event that will work like a charity run or walk event. Plan is to screen print it, four layers, white base, red, black, and metallic silver. Thoughts?

The original hand sketch I did…


The more or less final project…


It’s very nice Skribe. I like it.

I might be a little concerned with the screen mesh not being fine enough to pick up the halftone pattern textures and other small details. I wonder if you could even end up with a moiré pattern. I suppose a lot depends on how large the final image is.

The image is going to be the full front of the shirts. Are you saying the moire pattern would affect the print, or just be visual?

Sorry, but that contorted person looks like they were hit in a fatal road accident.

Just a matter of perspective … I guess.

:laughing: I can see that. Like the chalk line around the victim at a murder scene.

Though, “contorted”, is the way that they dance now days anyhow!

It appears to be for some kind of heart association rather than a children’s hospital. That could be unfortunate if a children’s hospital is more motivating to take action.

I didn’t choose the slogan, and I think that the meaning would be very clear in the context of where these are going to be sold/used.

I was suggesting a possibility of a moiré pattern between the halftone dots and the screen mesh showing up on the printed shirts. It likely won’t happen, though, since you’re planning to run the image large over the entire front of the shirts, which will make the dots far larger than the thread count of the screen mesh. Even so, it’s something I’d ask the screen printer about just to be sure.


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