Tesla's Cybertruck Logo

Yeah, the car sure looks out of this era, but look at that typography.


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Can’t read it - perhaps it’s the sound of unbreakable glass breaking :rofl:


I’m not very far from concluding that wealth has a terrible effect on people.

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Electric car designers should get over themselves. With the possible exceptions of the Ford and Chevy electrics (neither of which I’d buy) I wouldn’t be caught dead driving something that ugly.

As noted in the article, it’s Back to the Future’s DeLorean.

I used my old pickup to lug everything from fishing gear to cow manure. Would be fun to open up that hatch at the farm and tell em to load it up. NOT.

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Your post reminds me of a week-long trip I took way back in college as part of an art history course. The subject was how wealth enables otherwise average people to ostentatiously display their awful taste. It involved traveling to Los Angeles and spending the week traveling around Beverly Hills to see some really awful, but expensive, architecture.


As for the logo typography, wow, it’s an unusual choice. It’s unreadable, but maybe legibility isn’t a requirement. It looks like scrawled graffiti, which might have its place for certain kinds of branding projects — but for a pickup truck, I don’t know. It’s just sort of weird.

Then again, the pickup truck is really weird-looking too. I live in a part of the country where pickups are nearly as common as regular cars. Knowing that crowd as well as I do leaves me wondering just who Tesla sees as their target market. I don’t know too many pickup truck owners who would trade in their jacked up, bass-boat-hauling Ford F350s for something that looked like this — their friends would laugh at them.

Maybe I’ve missed the point. Musk is far from a dim wit, so maybe he realizes all this already and sees an opportunity for a brand new market segment that doesn’t now exist. Anyway, I like the innovation; I’m just not quite sure if it’s ill-conceived or a bit of genius.

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Over here on the East Coast, pickups are just prosthetic devices, not work vehicles. The more bells and whistles, the more leather and appointments the better. I could see these selling to, as Toyota puts it, The “Mall-Terrain” drivers. Not the All Terrain ones like me.

That typography is HIDEOUS!

That truck isn’t far behind :roll_eyes: I guess he is going for a Moon Mobile look. I don’t care how good for the environment it is … no thanks.

Tesla, Boxy but Good.

Anyone gets that reference deserves a hero cookie.

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cookie is being drop shipped lol

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Yummy!! :smiley:

I think Elon got his inspiration from this 1970s saturday morning kids show. He just shortened it from an RV into a truck.

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lmaoooo yep :smiley:

More likely this:
but not nearly as “cool.”

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Yeah, it looks a lot like an updated DeLorean.

The unbreakable window demonstration during the announcement was, well, embarrassingly pathetic given that both windows were easily smashed. I wonder if they even tested the demonstration beforehand.

The guy throwing the metal ball didn’t even put anything behind the second one and it still broke. Live shows. Gotta love em. Where was that? Somewhere in the EU or over here at the recent show in CA?

Bill Gates has had several of those moments, at least a half dozen, at live show rollouts.
Like this one:

Idk, is that a logo?

Found these - they crack me up :smiley:


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