Test my app prototype!

As part of a UX course i’m taking, i need 5-8 people to test my app prototype.
It’s a ticket reservation app for a hypothetical cinema chain, still at the wireframe stage.
I need any willing participants to do the following two tasks:

  1. book 2 adult tickets to see ‘Spaghetti Hands: An Untold Story’ in Leeds, 12th April at 20:30. See this transaction right the way to the booking confirmation

  2. update your payment method, without using the checkout page seen in task 1

I would then need you to answer these 2 questions for each task:

  • how easy was this journey, and did you encounter any roadblocks?
  • is there anything you liked or disliked about this journey?

Thanks so much!

Here is my prototype ( replace the slash at the start with www. )