The "Give Me Feedback" Issue -- Please help brainstorm

Throughout this form, there are people consistently asking for feedback on projects without giving any context. The first response to most of these threads are the same few questions… Can you tell us more about this project? Are you a student? Is this for print or digital?.. and so on.

I’m asking the group to help brainstorm a short bullet list that we could sticky in the Crit Pit to avoid this cycle of new users posting a design and asking for a blind critique. Please see below for my suggested bullets.

  • Concept: Tell us what this is. (i.e. a logo, a brochure, an app icon, etc)
  • Purpose or Goal: What was the intent of this work?
  • Format: Is this for use mainly in print, digital, or a combination of both?
  • Audience: Describe your ideal audience or customer (age, gender, location, industry, etc.).
  • Your Experience Level: If you’re a student or professional, please identify.

Feel free to add to this or edit.

I know this is not fool-proof solution for these types of posts, but it would be nice to have something to reference when this comes up.


Should post this in the Crit Pit. :slight_smile:

I was going to make a new thread there once we have a general consensus of what we should include.

  • Nature of Job: Paid client work, school assignment, self-directed fictitious project.

Great suggestion!

Designers don’t read spec sheets.
You know that.


Oh yes we do. We always read the spec sheets after the first proof.


LOL. That seems about right.

Done… Before You Post: Getting a More Accurate Critique

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