Before You Post: Getting a More Accurate Critique

Thank you for sharing your work at the Graphic Design Forum. We appreciate that you’re willing to showcase your latest project and open accept criticism.

To get a more accurate design critique, you’ll need to supply basic information to help the community to better understand your submission. Please consider sharing the following in your critique request:

  • Concept : What is this? (i.e. a logo, a brochure, an app icon, etc)
  • Purpose or Goal : What was the intent of this work?
  • Format : Is this for use mainly in print, digital, or a combination of both?
  • Audience : Who is your ideal audience or customer? (age, gender, location, industry, etc.).
  • Your Experience Level : Are you a student or professional?
  • Nature of Job: Is this paid client work, a school assignment, or self-directed project for a fictitious client?

If you have already posted your work, you can add this information by visiting your project’s thread and pushing the reply button.


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