The Ridiculous Spitz

Basically, I’m an amatuer artist who has a lot of stupid questions and noone to ask. I’m 29, born and raised in Palm Beach County, Florida, and I started drawing a few years ago in prison. When I got out I got busy and stopped practicing, and have just recently come back to art in general. I got a lot of positive feed back on some little quick things I slapped together for friends and family, and so I figure I can at least develop my skill to a somewhat respectable level of proficiency. I’ll probably bug the shit out of you, and I appreciate any and all advice, input, assistance, criticism, and scathing insults you may have to offer.

Welcome to the forum - can’t wait to see your work!

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Welcome. :slight_smile:

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Welcome Aboard RC!!! :slight_smile:

Ask away … this place is filled with folks always willing to help out :slight_smile:


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Welcome to GDF. What do you draw?

Pictures…lol mostly I drew tattoo stencils for the guy who did tattoos on the cell block I was on (yes, I learned how to draw in prison. Guess I just needed time to practice.) I will post some pics of some drawings I still have. Most of the work I did was redrawing characters from comic books , and making slight changes to them to suit the tattoo it’s was gonna be used for


I can’t wait to see your work … feel free to post away :heart:

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