The right color of the hedgehog character

A hedgehog character designed for a logo. Still not sure with the color choice.
Feedback is welcome!

Depends on what the logo is for. I’m always going to choose the option that provides the most contrast and isn’t gray. I print. I hate printing gray.
But again, it depends on what the log is for.

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I think that makes sense :slight_smile: if it looks too greyish then the character will look too boring to see :smiley:

But if you are selling camouflage clothing, perhaps gray is the right choice.
Accepting an opinion from someone who doesn’t know all the details is fraught with danger.

here’s the design brief:
Lazy Hedgehog: A quirky name that suggests children’s entertainment and animated characters.
Keywords : hedgehog, lazy, fun, children, toys, kids, entertainment, animation, cartoon, quirky, funny, humor

School project or crowdsource?
That’s not a complete design brief.

he he he not exactly a crowdsource, but the client only provided me with that design brief :smiley:

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