Things that make a designer very happy! :D

hahhahah very happy.

Quick response time from the client
Easy communication with the client
Clients who follow along with the brief and project timing
Invoice payment on time

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I gained over 200GB on my computer by turning off Dropbox sync.


when the client orders reprints.

Yes, that’s just like free money showing up in the mail.

Similarly, I would add royalties and capital gains. Again, free money arriving from out of the blue.

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  1. Getting the logo in vector art.

  2. A decent budget.

  3. A like-minded client.

  4. Not having to work over a weekend.


What’s a weekend?

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pizza salami

A designer will surely happy, if the client like his/her design and give some awesome compliment on it.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as thy say. It is all around us.


Your response reminds me of a guy. Back in the 20’s/30’s there was a man with the nickname of “Mr. 2%”. He would do pretty much any job for startup companies for a 2% share in the company. Like all businesses, the vast majority showed no real profit for such a minority shareholder. But enough of them hit to make him a multi millionaire.

I equate reprints (and royalties, capital gains, profit sharing…) to that lol.

Hearing for the first time adobe photoshop (full desktop version) is coming to the ipad.

Once i hear them porting all of the design suite over I might get a tent in my pants.

Hourly Rate Retainers.

Being asked nicely rather than being told.


When a client knows what they want the first time around :smiley:


When a client trusts you as a professional and values your experience, feedback and opinions and trusts you to do what needs to be done.


An interesting, challenging and fun project that takes full advantage of the talent, creativity and experience we’ve built up over the years — especially when it’s monetarily rewarding and appreciated by an open-minded client in the ways that @CraigB just mentioned.

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Approvals on the first job
Payment up front
Get referred by a very satisfied customer

These all make me very happy!

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