Thirty logos challenge

I did 30 logos for the Thirty logos design challenge (where you get 30 logo design briefs for fictional companies) so I’d like to hear your opinion about them :slight_smile:
i know i should post pictures of logos here and not link, but it’s 30 logos and I think it’s easier in this way

You’ve asked for a crit on a couple of these before. I doubt anyone is going to be able to review 30 briefs and crit 30 works. That is pretty time consuming. I would choose a few of your best pieces and put them up individually for crit.


Yeah, we’ve seen some of those in development. Of the 30, I’d say maybe half of them are truly viable, or have enough potential. For me, Austin Run and Avocado stand out as significantly better than the rest, perhaps with JJ Pizza a fairly distant 3rd. Of course, the entire 30 logos concept flies in the face of the real disciplines involved in diligent logo design, so considering that, I’d say you did pretty well.


@HotButton Thanks on feedback

What can i say? just i like them al, how much time do you have spendend sketching the logos? and how much time do you needed to draw a logo?

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