This is my first logo. How can I improve?


Put that on a business card and see how it reads.

Sorry Skyth, but it’s not working.

As a whole, the composition is just sort of weird — a mishmash of random shapes, colors, and slogans tossed together into a salad of stuff.

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Agreed. There’s for too much going on.
It appears as though you’ve taken every recently learned skill and attempted to use each of them in a single logo.

Don’t get me wrong, every designer has been there. Myself included. Eager to apply skills - in most cases, too many of them.

Start by losing everything, except the typography. Choose a single symbol or a graphic that means something to you. Try to fashion that symbol into, or in close proximity to your typography, and see how that looks.

Remember a slogan or tagline is a separate element. It shouldn’t appear with the confines of the logo itself. I can barely read that line of type on screen, without a doubt whatever you choose to print this on, you’ll have a blob of illegible type and graphics.

My apologies for being a bit… overcritical… but I often wished someone had been as such with me during my earlier years of design.

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Thanks for your response Biggs. It has really opened my eyes.
I will surely consider all your points in my next design.

No, i used Coreldraw.
I’m planning to know Coreldraw first and then start using Adobe software’s.

There’s a raster image in the center element.
Raster parts are not a good idea in logos.

In the post title, you asked, “How can I improve?” I’m not trying to be overly harsh or discouraging, but this can’t be improved. It needs to be scraped altogether, and you need to start fresh. Start with a sketch pad and pencil. Sketch out ideas – dozens of them – before moving to the computer.


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