Thoughts on the Penpot logo?



I think it’s too basic and complex. It looks like an icon more than anything. I wanna hear your thoughts!

Did you design the logo?

I’m asking because our forum rules say: " 1. Do not post someone else’s design for critique. The exception is when an organization’s design efforts become newsworthy, such as the announcement of a new Olympics logo or a change in a major company’s branding."

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oh- oops-

it’s not letting me delete the topic

I wasn’t familiar with Penpot, so I did a little research. Despite my unfamiliarity, the company and its logo seem well-known and newsworthy enough to discuss here without breaking the forum rules.

With that in mind, their logo does look like an icon, but I’m not sure that’s a problem. You mentioned it being “basic and complex.” It’s basic, but I think that’s an attribute rather than a problem. I don’t see its complexity being an issue.

To me, the geometric qualities of the logo give it a 1980s or '90s look, but that’s only my reaction.

I wonder why the logo is a box full of pencils instead of a pot full of pens.

Looks like a “Pencilpot” to me…

:grinning: You made the same observation as I was writing an addition to my post.

yeah i noticed that too :joy: it’s more like pencilbox

for me it looks like an icon the most in the 3rd image where it’s part of the actual app’s ui

Yeah, that’s true, but maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it working as an app UI icon or favicon on a website was part of the design brief. As you mentioned, it does border on being too complex at those very small sizes.

What do you think about my version below? The keyword is “freedom.”

I see “pee cup” which evokes connotations associated with drug testing at a clinic.

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So what’s up with this? It seems kind of odd that you join the forum, ask us what we think about a logo, and then have an alternative ready to go? Is this a personal project you’re working on or something to bolster your portfolio?

It looks a bit like men’s genitals about to urinate in a cup. That could just be me, though


I’m just having fun, dude. :man_shrugging:

That is a wild perspective! :skull:

I saw that, too.

@Steve_O I’m actually @Unlimiter. I wanted a new username. :sweat_smile:

@Steve_O Also I literally made the logo after I posted the topic!

@ghoom - You are only allowed one account so I’ve deactivated the old one since you haven’t used it in two years :wink:

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