Tribute portrait, open for critique, I've got me raincoat on

Who is it?
And why the Adidas logo?
And what’s the message?
A graphic design has to have a message.

Greta Thunberg? I think it’s a climate change illustration. If that’s the case, wouldn’t a color scheme that evoked feelings of the planet’s environment be better suited?

Yes @Just-B
If you see the Addas logo, that is definetly my mistake. I was just using basic geometric shapes, to add “tribal” patern referring to nature, plants, the elements…

I choose the yellow, for a joyous color associated to her now famous look wearing a basic yellow raincoat…

The Rolling Stone cover has a pessimistic look, which is intentional, I suppose. I’d rather see her associated with a message of hope.

I think yellow can be a joyous, sunny color, but it doesn’t seem to convey that emotion to me when associated with climate change — especially when blacks and neutral greys are used as secondary colors. Instead, I conjure up images of dying plants and hazy, yellowish-grey, smoke-filled skies.

greta snowballed_j

someone here this week mentioned “what is the value of traced artwork”
we exchanged thoughts, i forgot what the results was but
seems to me this is what the riff riff planet wants nowadays.

anyways i would try to draw greta, and add something as a theme.

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