UI Project Portfolio Page Critique Please

Hello, I’m looking for some feedback on a single project within my portfolio. This is my first comprehensive UI project, and I feel like there are some areas I could improve upon. Thanks in advance.


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Hey, I really like this piece.

I like that you didn’t go over board with the mock-ups, as seen often on Behance projects.

I really like the way you designed your wire-frame. It’s much more pleasing visually than most I’ve seen. And the added color for Agent(which I’m assuming is the homepage) is a nice touch.

Everything seems so clean and calculated that you problem won’t like the one issue I am going to bring up but…your text is too small. It’s not nearly as bad on mobile but I had to squint a little to read it on my desktop. If this is going to be a project that many will look at, or you are using it as a means to get a job, then I would consider that not everyone who is viewing it will be able to easily read your text.

I like it too, well laid out.

And I agree with calebninja, the text is too small. It’s also a little too “wordy.” Website wording should be brief, bulleted, easy to read quickly.

Appreciate the feedback. Taking a closer look, I agree about the type size. I have updated the type size in the description (from 12pt to 14p), what do you think now?

I’m glad I got good feedback from you and DocPixel. I’m just confused as I’ve started applying to places for the first time in a while, and I have not gotten any responses for interviews. I figured something was sticking out in my UI design that was turning hiring professionals away.

Thanks for the feedback!

The best advice I can give you there is to track your website visitors using something like Google Analytics. This way you can see what pages they are visiting and how long they are staying on your site for.

But as far as the no responses go, your guess is as best as mine. I’ve redone my site several times to try and increase people to stay and browse more. I get a lot of visitors that stay for 10 seconds and immediately leave or only look at a couple of pages and leave. I’ve also had visitors stay for quite awhile but still never send a response. I remember one time I had someone visit my site for 23 minutes and then the next day visit again for 8 minutes, but they never once reached out to me. Don’t know why they invested so much time into researching me if they weren’t going to contact me.