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Hey, Check my new logo designs, please comment if they are good and attractive

You may be sorry you asked, but…

Honestly, the terms ‘logo-mill’ and ‘competition site’ spring to mind. Your logos display a lack of understanding of what a logo is and demonstrate absolutely no knowledge of production requirements. Additionally, they show a scant understanding of typography and no grasp of hierarchy or scale.

The fact that you just put them up with no explanation, no context, belies your inexperience. They appear to be the kind of work we see day in, day out by someone with no formal design education.

They are ‘design’ as decoration, rather than design as a problem-solving solution.

I am not saying any of this to be mean or overly harsh, but if you are self-taught, or learned from the University of YouTube and are hoping to build a career of this, then a few harsh truths at this stage will stand you well.

Obviously, I have no idea what your background, age, or level of knowledge and experience, so can only base my suppositions on the work you have posted.

If you ‘have a passion for design’ and can show any demonstrable talent, then do yourself a favour and get yourself educated. If, however, you are still young and at school and hope to pursue a career in design one day, then although the same advice applies, my delivery would be far less harsh and I apologise for the tone – though not the content.

You need to do things the right way, if you ever wish to be a professional, credible designer. You wouldn’t dream of setting yourself up as an architect without first getting yourself qualified (aside from the fact, it would be illegal to do so). Design is no different, apart from, sadly, the fact it is not illegal to set your stall out with any sort of formal qualification. It should be illegal in the same way, to my mind.

There are so many have-go-heroes out there making ‘cool’ designs without the first clue about what they are doing, yet calling themselves designers. If you follow the same path, you will almost certainly spend a lifetime bottom-feeding with them and never making any sort of decent living. Knowing how to use free software is a long way from knowing how to be a designer.

Graphic design is about selling professional services to help other people communicate to a specific audience or market. This requires knowledge, expertise and experience of a kind you can never get by watching how-to vids.

Furthermore, logo design, in and of itself, is fairly meaningless. It is only part of the wider discipline of brand design, despite what competition sites and current uninformed trends might have you believe.

Hope this helps you find a direction, rather than deflates. If you stick around here and ask the right questions, you will find a lot of years of experienced advice from a number of time-served pro designers and print production specialists who are happy to help you find the right path.

Good luck.


The problem with writing posts at 3am when you can’t sleep,is that your proof-reading skills tend not to be as sharp as they could be…

‘…stall out without any sort of formal qualification.

I think the raw design shows some talent if they’re original.

Like the sprout say, the visual hierarchy, typography, and conveying meaning are wanting.

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Why are you using an “N” as the mark for the Mike Gabriel Creative Designs logo?

To show the kind of creative designs?

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Thanks for noticing that.