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Hello I had a quick question when it comes to branding. I work at a company called American Taffy Company. We had a meeting to decide what the name of the URL would be. I adamantly proposed americantaffy.com. An IT consultant proposed amertaf.com because it would be quicker to type. I wound up losing the argument and the head of of Branding for the company agreed that amertaf would be a better url.

Was I wrong in this? I wanted to ask fellow Graphic Designers and Branding experts what they thought of this? Thank you!

Based upon only what you mentioned and not being at all aware of the company or the other discussions, yeah, AmericanTaffy.com is the best name since that’s, well, the name of the company and what people would guess if they took a chance and typed it into their browser. A few extra letters to make typing marginally quicker is not a particularly good reason to use a different domain and, in essence, lose all the branding equity of the actual name.

I just checked, and the domain’s already taken. Amertaf.com, however, isn’t taken, so if you wanted to, you could sabotage their efforts and register it yourself before they get it. :wink:

IT peeps often don’t understand user-friendly.

It’s better to have your full keywords in your domain name. Abbreviations are bad for SEO.

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Does your company has any relation to amertaf?
i think AmericanTaffy.com is here the better choice but I think it depends on the marketing startegie.

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I’m trying to imagine the face of the owner if they find an employee owns the rights to their proposed URL.
Use an alias. LOL.

I agree with @iraszl - Much better to have full words. When someone calls on the telephone, you’ve gotta be able to just tell them the web address instead of having to spell the whole thing out. Abbreviations lead to misreads and typos. In addition, having the full name in the URL means you can use that as your title and your url on an advertisement, instead of potentially becoming redundant. I agree - americantaffy.com is much better.

Full words is better, otherwise you will be forever spelling out the letters.

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