Volkswagen unveils new brand design and logo

The curtain has been raised on “New Volkswagen“: On the evening before the first press day of the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt, the Volkswagen brand has unveiled its new logo and its new brand design. This world premiere marks the start of a new era for Volkswagen, accompanied by the presentation of the full-electric ID.301 at the same time. Volkswagen’s future is electric, fully connected and has a neutral carbon balance. With its new brand design, VW has created a uniform global 360° brand experience which is more modern and more authentic. The new Volkswagen logo with its flat two-dimensional design is clearer and has been reduced to its essential elements. The brand design and the logo aim for high flexibility and are intended for digital applications. The realignment of Volkswagen’s brand design is one of the world’s largest rebranding campaigns. The changeover to the new brand design is due to be completed by mid-2020.

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wow their branding is a lot more “techy”. Looks like they are trying to compete with tesla

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The new version of their logo seems to be a weakened, anemic version of their old one. The width of the outside line doesn’t match the widths of the inside lines and. It just looks off. A definite thumbs down from me. :-1:

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I would have to agree. It just looks weaker.

If I could write stuff like this – and mean it – I could probably charge 10 times the amount that I currently charge for logos.

Volkswagen is following trends (probably too late for the flat design trend). How does following trends make the brand experience more authentic?

They’ve made it look flimsy by disconnecting the elements from the circle, kinda like a skinny monkey hanging in a ring. It would be flimsy as a 3D element. No go for me too.

Yep, spindly, wussy, weak; the new “European”.

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I quite like it to be honest, but I agree on that the outer ring should’ve been thicker than the inner lines.
Overall no strong dislike. I just never liked the logo anyway, just like BMW or Mercedes and Audi, so I guess I’m somewhere in the middle regarding this.

That’s funny :smile: Hoping to see many EU countries doing a brexit move. I don’t want others to decide on what’s good for us.

I like the Mercedes logo.
It’s Volvo I didn’t get at all until I looked it up.

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Now you made me research Volvo aswell. Everyone associates it with the gender symbol, I don’t understand why they have chosen especially that.

I just have a strong dislike for the look of the Mercedes-Benz logo, especially on top of the hood of cars.

I’ve become much of a TESLA sucker, even though I could never afford to have one, nor would I WANT to have one with their current policies. I guess it’s mostly the thrill of seeing one of their cars on the road and their hyperloop project. It’s like seeing into the future or a Tony Stark kind of vibe. Can’t really describe it :thinking: Their logo is pretty nice too.

I would however buy a green/hybrid car.


The primary colours in the photography and token diversity of the models look rather forced.

I agree with B, the outer circle at times looks too thin. Maybe it is a visual illusion but whatever it is, it doesn’t quite work.

Mercedes logo integrated into the grill is the best. Didn’t know they were putting them on the hood. Yuck.

Tesla’s logo, I like a lot too.
I’d buy the low end Model 3 if I could afford the upkeep end of it. I like the look of the Model S better though.

The trouble is, you really need to think hard about where the electricity is coming from to power it. Don’t get me started on that. I see an awful lot of farmland being covered with solar panels where I live. That’s just wrong.

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They are trying to compete with Tesla. After the emissions test rigging scandal Volkswagen are ditching gas / diesel and moving into electric cars.

I asked the same question on a UK forum a few years ago - “… how many extra power stations will we need to cope with the extra demand?” My question was dismissed as ‘unhelpful’.

Re; solar panels on farmland - in the UK a lot of farmers are installing solar panels on 4ft high stands, so the cattle can still graze underneath them. Double use land giving double income potential.

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“unhelpful.” Yes, it’s a very inconvenient question to be asking.

Em are some short cows @ 4ft. tall.
Not a lot of good grows in the shade of a solar panel.
Around here they fence them in, put weed block and pea stone under them and/or spray for weeds with bad chemicals to avoid shade on the panels. If they aren’t put on farmland, they are cutting down trees to put them up. Plus, this state is trying to find a way to tax electric cars. No gas tax has to be made up somewhere so now they are talking about toll gantries on many of the commuter routes…
Like I said, don’t get me started. Gotta win the lottery and buy that mountaintop retreat.

If the world would get past its greatly exaggerated fear of nuclear energy and actually deal with the nuclear waste issue by burying the stuff several miles underground in geologically stable formations, like the Yucca Mountain facility in Nevada, we would mostly have the electricity generation problem solved.

The ultimate answer, of course, is a fusion generator, which would be clean, safe and use inexhaustible fuel. However, nobody’s really figured out how to do it on a cost-effective industrial scale yet. It’s baffled scientist for years on just how to build a machine that can viably sustain the 100-million degree temperatures needed to fuse the plasma.


Btw, fusion is not clean. The process generates radioactive ‘waste’.

Also, ‘waste’ is a misnomer. What we call nuclear waste today is actually just unspent fuel, which can be burnt in new types of reactors, which is why we are not getting rid of it for good.

The answer is Thorium fission reactors. Thorium is abundant, and very safe. You can hold thorium metal in your hand and you will be ok. The reactors themselves are extremely safe too. They literally can’t blow up no matter what you do. The US has built a prototype working thorium reactor in the 50’s already. It would be trivial to restart the program. But the oil lobby and the greens (like Greenpeace) paid off by the oil lobby are blocking all nuclear development, because they know it’s the end of both. With thorium we won’t need oil, nor greens, because it provides endless clean energy.

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