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hello, i would like you to criticize my work and see the points where i should improve i made a brand for myself as a digital gaming producer company my name is Heinrich Harrer the brand name includes the smart style and also the brain stands out for IT server connection smart and the letters stand out for shark tesla style however… i think the comet is simply to silly for the logo… idk if i am correct or if i should delete it but then i have the problem of how i include the playful gaming charme on the logo…wondering which colour fits the best to play serious, but still not overdosed… any sugestions?
Also could you rate?

The biggest thing I see is the word Smurf
That’s a trademarked entity.
Good luck with that in the software /gaming world. They have been rabidly diligent about sending takedown notices.

As far as execution, there are legibility issues and when viewed on the black background there are white outlines on your last one.

I don’t know about silly, but it’s superfluous. It comes across as just an extra thing tossed in for no particular reason. In addition, the typography seems a bit too mechanical, and rigidly geometric. It also clashes or competes with the logo.

I do like the circuitry logo (assuming you get all the line widths evened out). It reminds me of a high-tech beehive, which might lead to a better tie-in name than the already-trademarked Smurf.

It looks a lot like the logo from this 99designs page

The mark itself is quite nice. Unfortunately for you, it’s not original and shouldn’t be used as your logo.

The type isn’t working. But that’s a moot point.


Give it all up and start over.

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Depends what license they go for https://creativemarket.com/licenses/general

It doesn’t specify ‘logo’ anywhere - but the user should contact the site to clarify if they can use it for their logo for their business.

It may not say “logo” anywhere, but the list of prohibited uses and its insistence on number of pieces/downloads sure puts it in the category of “no.”
And why would you want a stock logo from a site so restrictive? You can’t trademark it, and you certainly can’t trademark “Smurf”

I think this is a troll. Points to the one who gets the most responses and all that.
Done here.

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