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Designing for yourself is always difficult…:exploding_head:

After ten years we decided to rebrand and redevelop the website.

I’ve had both positive and negative feedback.

We are BOLD< UNQUIE<CREATIVE and therefore want to attract this particular audience.

I won’t share the feedback I have had previously so I can get some genuine honest feedback.

Please check it out - search visionsdesign lymm

Welcome to the forum @Dan.from.Visions :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if you are spamming us :wink: But, I’ll give you the benefit of the the doubt.

I pulled this off the other thread and gave you your own space.

I’m not sure what you are looking for. We don’t critique things that aren’t created by the poster and you mentioned “We”.

Sorry. I say “we” because it’s my business and my design but one of my employees built it.

I apologise if it’s broken any rules.

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That being the case, as I have just written on another forum, this site is anything but the three adjectives you use to describe your company. It is pretty unadventurous and looks fairly templatey, I’m afraid.

@Dan.from.Visions - No worries :slight_smile: We just don’t critique folks who aren’t here to explain or defend their choices :wink:

That being said, the continual flashing is killing me. I’ll leave it at that.

G’day Dan :beers:

There’s a lot to unpack here, so I’ll try to be as concise as possible:


Regarding the branding I’m loving the idea for “V” mark you came up with, however it feels a bit odd to me when paired with the type you’ve chosen. Even though there’s no visible serifs, I think the circle imply’s a serif. Have you considered keeping the mark seperate from the type?

Also why did you make the “n” different? It feels like this competes with the “v” and the rest of the type. It looks to me like a retro display typeface, while the rest of the type appears to be a geometric san serif?

There’s so much going on, I think it actually affects the legibility of the word “visions”. If I were you, I’d just let the “v” be your hero :woman_superhero:.

Regarding your brands attributes: BOLD, UNQUIE, CREATIVE - how did you arrive at these attributes and why did you choose them?

Regarding the website, I like the use of technology to include the videos, but it feels a bit overpowering. I think I feel similar to @RedKittieKat: there’s way too much flashing and movement going on, the black and white create maximum contrast, and if I’m completely honest I really struggle to sit through the header video, it’s hard on the eyes - is this the experience you want you prospective clients to have?

The further down the page you go everything is moving and changing, it feels very chaotic. I like the changing photo’s but maybe make it an effect that occurs on hover, rather than all of the time?

It’s hard to spot the elements which you’ve designed in the videos and photograohy you’re displaying. This makes your photos and videos seem a bit generic and unrelated to anything.
I think your case studies look awesome, why don’t you just pick your best 1 or 2 to display on your landing page and talk about the impact your works made on their business with some testimonials etc…?

Hope this helps, good luck with your business :beers::beer:

My thoughts are twofold. First, the website is a bit overwhelming and needs to be toned down. Second, you do nice work for your clients, but it’s buried under your own site. Simplify the site so that your work stands out more. Right now, the website gets in the way of showcasing the work.

I’m closing this now. I think the OP has the idea that it could use improvement :slight_smile:

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