What do you see in this logo concept?

I have a crude sketch of a logo my client likes and I want to run a quick test as to what people see in it without any given context. Ideally, I should ask the targeted audience this…but other designers will do.

Concept : Business logo
Purpose or Goal : I don’t want to say, just looking for what you see without giving context.
Format : Digital
Audience : Again, don’t want to give clues.
Your Experience Level : Professional
Nature of Job: Paid client work


Ok, not playing.

Why is this not part of this other thread?

It looks like something trying to communicate something but only succeeding at communicating nothing in particular.

Sorry about the second thread—bad attempt at getting separate opinions. I was trying to delete this thread but I see that they don’t allow deletion once it has received replies.

Since you were trying to delete it, I’m closing this one to prevent confusion.


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