What do you think of these pictures? I failed when I applied to the creative market store. Let's see what the reason is

What do you think of these pictures? I failed when I applied to the creative market store. Let’s see what the reason is.

I’m gonna throw this out there, but I don’t know anything about internet and commerce law.

It looks like you are from China. I’m not sure where CreativeMarket is located but there may be legal restrictions for them on dealing in software from China. Fonts and Templates are basically software.

Something to consider anyway.

Perhaps I misunderstand. What are you trying to sell? A graphic that says “creative market”? If you are trying to sell a font, then show the entire font.

Have you tried asking on the forums at Creative Market? I don’t think there are too many designers in this forum who sell through Creative Market.

Have you designed working font specimens or just a few characters? Can they be loaded into a font manager? I’m not sure if you have applied these so they are usable.

The third one is ITC Snap.

Since you didn’t design these fonts, what did you do exactly? You can’t sell fonts you didn’t design. Are you trying to sell Creative Market a new logo for them to use? Because that’s quite a different thing entirely.

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Ha ha ha.

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This is not a font, and this is the authorization I purchased in bulk.I want to sell these authorizations to others cheaply.

Yes, I live in China.

You cannot sell these products as your own. Just because you bought a font, does not mean you own the rights to re-sell or start a business. This is why Creative Market (and any legal business) will reject your pitch. It is not legal. I don’t know what the laws are in China, or if it’s different there but I think you should stop trying to re-sell products. This is not graphic design.

But the seller authorized me to sell it!

This is the Peking Opera villain, the tradition of our country, this is my own painting. Is it ok?

This image is all over the internet.

I found it on a site that is from 2008. Please stop claiming things as your own.

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How can you do this? This is obviously what I used to draw with ai? This is what I posted!

Are you saying that you are the artist that drew this?

Not me, my friend, he painted it. I helped him sell.

I have a prototype vector of this image.

I’m sorry, you cannot post other people’s work in The Crit Pit. Do not post anything you did not design as your own. I am closing this thread now.

Do not post someone else’s design for critique. The exception is when an organization’s design efforts become newsworthy, such as the announcement of a new Olympics logo or a change in a major company’s branding.

Please read the rules here to get an idea of what is allowed.

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