What does this logo need?

Hey guys…
Here is the logo that I designed recently…
Leave your comments please

looks great to me tbh. nice work. maybe one more little detail to make it look more like a tail?

What’s it look like in black and white?

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Maybe for monochrome version I’ll take a few empty spaces between the colored parts… But about B&W it is still limited in colors, and i know that’s a weakness…
And the bigger problem is that it doesn’t look like a fox! As much as enough

Why does it have to look like a fox?
You aren’t getting much feedback because you don’t provide the details necessary to determine if this “logo” is at all relevant to the business it’s for. Logos aren’t designed out of thin air.

Another question I might ask, what does this look like with bleed and a die line. I’m really tired of pulling bleeds on gradient logos because the designers can’t or won’t do it.

Why do you need bleed and a dieline on a logo? Because it has to be printed. It can’t be made with the standard one-color sign vinyls out there. So when it’s printed it has to be cut to a dieline, or you have to give it a color or white background/border. Even then, you are at the mercy of the machine as to how accurate the cut will hit the color changes. On this example, that means how well the knife hits that valley and that point.

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