What does your personal art space look like?

I know this is going to get a wide variety of answers, but I’m genuinely curious.

It’s a common stereotype to have a “messy” studio when you’re an artist–think paint splatters on the floor, canvases with unfinished portraits, and sketch pads lying wide open. You know, you’re usual artist trope in movies lol.

But as someone who wasn’t really fond of “traditional” art and leaned heavily on MS paint ever since I was young, being a graphic designer gave me the opportunity to be a designer literally everywhere.

I’ve been looking to up my studio (i.e., a new spare room in our house lol) and I’ve been looking at stores like Ikea and this online store in particular have a few bits and pieces I’m looking to integrate into my space.

I’m trying to make the smol room look smth like this:

How about y’all? Do you fall under the trope or are generally organized too?

Both my work space and art space are relatively minimal and tidy, now that I look at it.


where did you buy your chair for the first picture? that looks comfy!

both spaces are gorgeous btw

It’s a Herman Miller Celle chair.

People’ve been known to pay me to not see my work space.

Well, why not? I’ll play.

I have a couple of studio spaces here at home, which is good for tax purposes. One is a small bedroom where I prefer to work (top photo). The other is a bigger space where Mrs. Just_B is hanging out with an out-of-control dracaena plant that I keep threatening to cut down.



I have to ask, what is that big contraption on the left side of your desk in the bigger room?

Looks like a telescope. A hobby of mine too

Yes, an old 10-inch reflector telescope.

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That’s funny. In the first shot with your wife, it looks like something that is attached to the desk lamp.

Seems like overkill for peeping on the neighbors.

I started out in college with the intention of possibly becoming an astronomer. It’s always interested me and still does. I used to get together with friends, head way out into the desert or to the tops of mountains where there’s no light pollution. We’d stay up until dawn looking at the sky with our scopes. I haven’t had it out in several years, so I guess it’s turned into more of a studio sculpture than anything else.

I don’t know if art is the right word but it is my creative space and it is absolute chaos but I like it that way.

And the electronics workbench which is my other creative space. Same room, just looking the other way.

And how about a shelfie :slight_smile:


Mine is a work in progress. There’s still a lot that I want to do to the space.


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