What general things can be used in logo for cloud?

Hey I need a suggestion. I am currently making a logo for the cloud service firm startup, I have to provide minimum 3 logos. I have created a logo in which I have used cloud. Now, I want to make different logos for the cloud service. Now the problem occur I cannot seem to figure what are the object can I used other than technology aspects like computer, USB, cloud etc. In other words what general things I can use in this logo. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

IMO you are thinking about it the wrong way. A lot of companies “exist” or operate “in the cloud”. Google, Netflix, Wordpress, Spotify Just to name a few. What, from a branding standpoint is the company trying to communicate with their branding? Security, ease of use, simplicity, stability, etc. Your logos should help communicate that brand essence, not simply a cloud.

The Google, Netflix and other clouds firm are not only dedicated to the cloud area. As we see the logo of these firms they are not made in any type dedicated area of the company rather than general logo which can adopted in all areas. In my case the startup of which I am creating a logo currently focus one area which is cloud based services provider and nothing else. With that information all I can think of cloud and other any other technology sector which can be used in the creation of the logo. As for general things I am unable to understand what can be used in the service which is exclusive to cloud and nothing else.

Then think outside of the cloud shaped box. Does their company name imply any imagery? Would a word mark suffice? Any number of options on what to do with a logo image… (note, ideas are what designers are paid for so not a lot of them will be offered. It’s YOUR JOB to come up with ideas.)

There’s no reason a plumber needs a toilet in his logo. No need for a cloud service to have a cloud. It isn’t really a cloud anyway. It’s a network. A very large pile of cables and hardware. Not very cloud-like IMO.

Then why is Nike, a sports equipment company, so keen on using an ice hockey skate’s blade as its logo?

I must qualify: This is my TIC talk. (TIC = Tongue in cheek)

@Eriskay Don’t know man.

You’re still not digging deep enough. You say that they are just a cloud based service provider. That’s still vague. They have to provide some sort of service. I mean heck, Dropbox, Box are cloud hosting companies (neither use a cloud in their logo), then there are companies like BackBlaze an iDrive that provide online backups to the cloud.

What is a “they are just a cloud based service provider”. What is the service they provide? Multiple services can be provided “in the cloud” what do they want their users to think about them when using them. Stable, playful, unique, personal, etc.

Or as previously said, perhaps the name itself can lend itself to a visual solution.

I still stand by my statement that you are pigeon holing yourself simply by thinking “cloud”.

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nike is a hockey blade? Thought it was a sneaker toe.
Didn’t say the plumber couldn’t use a toilet. Just that he doesn’t need one.

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I’m pretty sure they use toilets — just like the rest of us. They might be plumbers but they’re not uncivilized. :wink:

The key service which the cloud based start up is providing is cloud based attendance and payroll system. I feel like I should I mention this information before.
what do they want their users to think about them when using them. Stable, playful, unique, personal, etc.
I feel like these things will be thought after the logo has been decided that what shapes, objects will be used in logos afterwards it will be thought about the stable, playful, unique what are the best for the logo and for what is target for.

It took half a second for it to hit me.

Shapes, colors, typefaces, etc., all have personality traits and convey different emotional qualities. For example, rounded corners make things seem less formal. Red is more aggressive than blue, which is more calming.

An object in a logo is fine as long as there’s a way to draw it that conveys the right personality and emotion.

Sometimes, like with this cloud services problem, maybe there isn’t a good object that represents their service. Maybe you need to come up with something that is just suggestive of what they do. A cloud might not have been a bad solution if it weren’t for it being way too obvious. Blue and white might be suggestive of clouds, without being so literal.

Come up with a list of adjectives or personality traits that would best describe this company. Don’t try to find objects that represent those things. Instead, create something that suggests the personality or the essence of those traits.

Nike’s logo is always a good example. It’s a swoosh that suggests speed and the sound of the air as a runner swooshes by. It makes no attempt at being a picture of the runner or the shoes that runner is wearing.

The industry term for a shoe logo is ‘stripe’. And the Nike stripe is officially called a ‘Swoosh’.
Nike was originally called Blue Ribbon Company, which I thought was the original idea of the logo being a ribbon… but maybe not.
Nike is the Winged Goddess of Victory, so maybe it was supposed to represent a wing? But at the time the company was called Blue Ribbon, I don’t know at what point it changed to Nike during the logo development.

Interestingly a cigarette company called Newport had a very similar logo.

According to the legend and the logo creator

Davidson started the process by sketching a range of options on tissue paper, which she’d then lay over a drawing of a shoe. When review time came, she presented 5 or 6 options, none of which had the executives completely sold.
She’d have liked to go back and refine some of them but fate had it that there were production deadlines to be met and so the checkmark was the winner. Phil Knight commented, “Well, I don’t love it, but it will grow on me.” Such is the authority of that mark that in 1995, the ‘Nike’ was dropped, and the Swoosh became the singular brand identifier.

Start by researching cloud servicing logos?

Usually a great place to start to see what others are doing.

Dropbox is a cloud storage service and it’s logo is a box.

Definitely a lot do use ‘clouds’ so you probably won’t differentiate yourself from competition.

And who is the leading competition in the same area? Who are the company’s competitors? What are their logos like?

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Feel so bad for Carolyn Davidson - $35 for a mark that would be worth a ridiculous amount of money now. :disappointed:

In 1983, she did get a swoosh embellished diamond ring, which is apparently worth $1,00,000 in today’s money.

$35 would be worth about $240 in today’s money. I suppose at the time it wasn’t bad for a logo design. But she did also work at Nike for a number of years, presumably paid a fair salary.

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Ahh that’s not so bad then, but wouldn’t you be dejected to have done a job for basicly drinking money, only for that mark to become as pervasive as Nike?

How often does it happen though? That story is notorious in the design world.

There’s value to a business in good logo design. And if companies don’t see that value they won’t pay fees associated with it.

I think Graphic Design is the only industry where you say to someone, that will be 8 hours work, so it’s 8x hourly rate. For them to say, that’s WAY too expensive, it’s one of the most annoying parts of this career.

I got my car serviced and it was £75 for the part. But it took 2 people, and 4 hours work (8 hours) as the part to be replaced involved dismantling parts of the car to access it and to put it back together.

In design, if I say, ok the stock image is £20, the design template layout will cost 4 hours work - and then if you’re happy with that I can finish the rest in 2 hours work.
It’s £20 + 4hours + 2 hours = £20+6hours work.

They just don’t get it. I don’t go into a restaurant and order Kobe Beef and then argue the price.

Design is one of these industries that is in the shitter because people charge too little, undercharge and undermine the professional world.

Sure, I can go to a friend who dabbles in cars to get him to fix it, but it will longer and I can’t be assured of his quality of work in putting the car back together, plus they have no insurance or fall back if things have gone wrong.

Or I can go to any restaurant and get a £20 steak - but if you want a Kobe Beef steak and offer the restaurant £20 you’d be shown the door, or where to wash the dishes for a month.

Moral of the story - do not undervalue design work. You are the expert - you are the source of good quality prime beef, you are the mechanic, you are the skilled worker.

Charge appropriately and fairly, but don’t undercharge, and certainly do not overcharge.

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She was compensated with a few hundred shares of Nike stock about a decade after she created that logo (high estimate was 500 shares.) Varying estimates put the value of that stock somewhere in the vicinity of $1Million dollars.
The ring, apparently, was presented to her along with the stocks at a recognition event in her honor. I’m not finding it was worth $100,000, but still it was described as a “gold and diamond ring.”

I guess the legend will live on with tales of grandeur and conjecture to the point of purple monkey dishwasher!

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