What is the best way to package a final logo design for a client?

Hi guys,

I’m a graphic design student and I’d like to know what is the best way to package a final logo design for a client?.

Thanks in advance!

  1. actual logo in editable format (ai or eps, preferable) - include a version of the icon separated from text if applicable
  2. logo in non editable format (png is the best choice, as size doesn’t matter). I would provide both light and dark versions of the logo (you do have them right?) in both clear and opaque background. Why? Because not all customers have Illustrator installed on their machine and they just need a logo for their email footer or something
  3. a guide on logo usage in pdf format. Please include following info:
  • color swatches for main logo colors (and backgrounds if applicable)
  • positioning guides (minimum margin, minimum size etc.)
  • examples on usage for both light and dark versions, tied in to dos and don’ts
  1. Font files used in the logo, if any (licensing should be present as well, if applicable)
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I also:

  1. save the art as pdfs for office use.
  2. outline all fonts and save outlined versions also
  3. save web-ready versions (and make sure you label them Web Only)
  4. If they ask for jpgs provide them, but always clarify they are not good for printing and are self destructive after multiple saves.

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I’m not sure I understand

Fonts must always be outlined.

Light & Dark
I think they mean both a positive (dark color on light background) and negative (light color on a dark background).

Outlining (you might already understand this)
If you’re going to use the logo online you will want live web-fonts because it will look better onscreen at variable size ratios. This is for advanced web users. I am not one.

For print, outline all your fonts - DO NOT rasterize anything unless absolutely necessary. Illustrator defaults to 1200dpi for fonts and vector art. If you rasterize it will reduce to your document settings (usually 300dpi).

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One could say positive and reversed. As Murtaugh would say, I’m too old for this kind of sh**.

If a logo design is approved and finalized, why the bloody hell would anyone other than the designer need an editable version (in term of typography)?

The only reason I mentioned to have a working copy with web fonts is for web purposes.

If you don’t outline the font your client will have to buy it to change it anyway.
Just my workflow: I always include a working copy once the project is over because, once I’m paid, the client owns it.

Make a logo design manual book for your client, and print and mail a hard copy to your client. that’s will be perfect solution! Simple and easy!

Are you suggesting using a live web font in the logo? If so, I wouldn’t do that. Using an SVG format logo has all the advantages of resolution independence with none of the drawbacks that come with linking to a font.

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Once we have created a new brand for our client, it’s important to provide them with all the necessary files they’ll need to use their new logo. There are some things we should be cautious of when creating logo files for clients which are like never to include font files, converting text to paths or curves, be prepare to explain PNG and transparent backgrounds and managing large file sizes.

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