What Podcasts Do You Listen To?

Curious to see what design podcasts are popular these days :slight_smile:

No Such Thing As A Fish
Fortunately … with Fi and Jane
The Life Scientific
The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry
The Allusionist
Switched on Pop
Desert Island Discs

Started listening to Design cuts found them from here

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Thank you for the great info!!! Much appreciated.

Much appreciated Brandon Creative :slight_smile: Will check it out.

Indesign Secrets - to stay on top of software changes
Design Domination - to get ideas on business practices

Thank you Mojo…very helpful :slight_smile:

As for design-related podcasts, I listen to Logo Geek, Deeply Graphic Design, Design Domination, and The Resourceful Designer. I also listen to a few freelance podcasts, like The Freelance Podcast, Being Freelance,The Side Hustle Project and a few others.

In addition, I listen to podcasts related to current events, science, psychology, business, etc., like Sam Harris, Adam Grant’s WorkingLife, TED interviews, etc.

I’ve been trying to walk/run/hike about 5 miles per day several times each week, which provides enough time to listen to them. I can’t listen to anything while I’m working.

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The Support Squad - Sharon Nissen

Dream Big My Friend - Frances Vidakovic

The Great Girlfriends Show

Manifestation Babe - Kathrin Zenkina

Lightworkers Lounge - Stephanie Powers

Thank you Amit for your suggests…I will check them out. Cheers!

Thanks Just-B. . . I too am a big fan of The Resourceful Designer…appreciate you taking the time to share.

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